Chris Cole

Security Expert and Ex-Royal Marine (25 yrs service)

Chris Cole is a unique and distinguished trainer specialising in safety and awareness for business. He is an elite, highly respected bodyguard for high profile/high net worth individuals and companies around the world.

Having encountered and dealt with every conceivable dangerous situation - including frontline fighting and protecting the international press in Iraq - he passes on his cutting edge knowledge, street smarts and no-nonsense practical tips on urban survival.

He is passionate about security and aims to ensure that every person who attends his courses is 100% safer in any urban environment.

He delivers specialist courses designed and developed to deal with every potentially dangerous situation all men and women encounter living in the metropolis.

Chris also organises and runs the Big Sky’s ‘great outdoors’ performance and team building activities (survival skills, raft building, wilderness cooking, etc) which are always rewarding, purposeful, inclusive, collaborative and fun.