Laura Spicer

Laura has been working in the corporate world with groups and individuals, helping them with their voices and communication abilities for the last 15 years. She has become well known for her unique style and the speed at which she is able to help people become more effective, confident and skillful speakers.

Laura always says there is no correct voice, only the appropriate one to convey the intended message. So unlike many other voice coaches, Laura is not looking to create an actor's voice - more to develop the flexibility to express the many different moods and feelings behind the words. When Laura's clients tell you their project is exciting you will hear it and see it and feel it thoroughly.

In addition to her voice training and partly responsible for the speed at which she is able to facilitate vocal changes is her training in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Laura is an experienced Master Practitioner, Trainer and High Performance Coach and she works from 2 clinics - one in London's famous Harley Street and one in Richmond, Surrey.

She sees clients to assist them with changes for the happier, healthier, more effective and confident. Her clients come to her for help with a wide range of problems. Finding more confidence, clearing Public Speaking phobias and curing stammers.

Laura has a solid reputation for delivering outstanding results to indivduals and businesses. Clients range from KPMG, Glaxo Smithkline, Natwest to British Energy and BSS Plc.

Her reputation means that she has been on BBC Breakfast and the subject of a double page spread in the Metro Newspaper talking about how to have a more charismatic voice, as well as winning 'programme of the month' on the BBC World Service for her series "7 Ages of the Voice". In the 1990s she qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer with the top trainers in the field including Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), Michael Breen, John LaValle and Paul McKenna.

It is Paul McKenna who has endorsed and recommended Laura's "Spicer Method" for clearing stammers. Laura continues to work side by side with all the above trainers to this day. Laura has a clinic in Harley Street as well as heading up group courses in house for top PLCs and works in the UK, Europe and the USA training corporate clients to achieve greater performance excellence. Laura is licenced by the Society of NLP.